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Slatwall Displays

Slatwall Displays - Eyewear Displays


Sparkling acrylic slatwall displays are the clear choice for slatwall eyewear display designs. These great eyewear clips combine the versatility of slatwall with practical eyewear display design to give you the perfect merchandisers for selling and displaying your eyewear on any slatwall regardless of size or location.

DWS-719 Single Open Slatwall Eyewear Optical Displays
DWS-718 Single Slatwall Eyewear Optical Displays
DWS-704 Single Slatwall Optical Displays 3" long
DWS-789 Single Slatwall Eyewear Frame Shelf 
DWS.723 - Slatwall Literature Holder
DWS.704 Large - Slatwall Mirror
DWS.704 Small - Slatwall Mirror
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