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Optical Furniture

Optical Cabinets
Dispensary & Standard
Front Desks

All our furniture pieces are carefully designed and manufactured to address our individual client’s unique needs. Some of the styles are available in various colors and finishes while some only have one available option. Please navigate through the links to view and purchase your desired furniture.

Locking Acrylic Cabi-nets w/ Optional Trays
Quick-Flat-Ship Cabinets
Custom Cabinet and Furniture
EIDOM Modular Cabinets
Slide Cabinets
Modular Optical Display Cabinets
Telluride AP Cabinet
Cascade Cabinet
Other Retail Cabinets
Modular Precision Cabinets
Full Vision Glass Cabinet
Custom Cabinets
Large Split Level
Small Counter Unit
Reception Desk E2
Reception Desk E3
Optical Showcases
Kids Section furnitures
Eyewear Display Tables
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